Glee Scoop At Globes: Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Paul McCartney, a Diva-Off and More!

Fox’s Glee took home three Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, but the show’s fans are the big winners, because that means the producers and cast were on hand to share lots of scoop about what’s ahead this winter and spring. On tap for coming episodes: surprise smooching, dueling divas, Sir Paul, Miss Hathaway and so much more!

* Amber Riley told TVLine’s Michael Ausiello on the red carpet that she and Lea Michele will be singing “Take Me or Leave Me,” from the Broadway musical Rent. “Sue tells Mercedes that Rachel was talking [smack] about her, so Mercedes says [to Rachel], ‘We’re having a diva-off once and for all, and we’re going to settle this,'” Amber previewed. Whose mad pipes emerge victorious? “I don’t know!” Amber answered with a laugh.

* Asked to tease Glee‘s next new episode — which airs the night of Sunday, February 6, after a little bit of TV programming called the Super Bowl — series cocreator Brad Falchuk revealed, “There’s a couple of unexpected kisses … and a huge Cheerios number which involves people with flaming whips and BMX bikers, which bother Sue Sylvester to no end.”

* At one of last night’s hottest after-party tickets, InStyle‘s jam-packed soiree, Mike O’Malley told TVLine that Kurt’s father will make an appearance in said Super Bowl episode.

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* Anne Hathaway‘s dream to guest on Glee is all but a done deal. “I just ran into Anne, who has created her own role, and I said, ‘I think that’s great,'” series boss Ryan Murphy shared backstage. “So she’s going to come on.” In fact, not only does Hathaway have her character all picked out — she wants to play Kurt’s lesbian aunt — she has a song list in mind, too!

* Speaking of movie stars, we spied the Glee cast stumble into a squee-filled mutual admiration session with Amy Adams. Could the Enchanted beauty be next to pay the show a visit?

* Jayma Mays confirmed that with Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow returning for multiple episodes as Holly Holliday — who this time around will score a date with Will — Emma will exhibit more than a bit of the green-eyed monster. With a nod to Paltrow’s triple-threat skills, Jayma shrugged, “Can you blame her?”

* A member of the Fab Four will make his presence known as Glee dips into Paul McCartney‘s catalog. “In the first six episodes, we have done two Paul songs, because we love him,” Murphy said. In fact, the Valentine’s Day episode airing February 15 is titled “Silly Love Songs,” with the titular track covered by Darren Criss‘ Blaine.

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* Speaking of the Valentine’s outing: Though the day is meant for lovers, Lea Michele told TVLine’s Megan Masters that for Rachel, the episode “is mainly about being single.” But don’t be sad for Ms. Berry. Of her character’s current lovelorn status, Lea said, “I’m enjoying it!”