Big Bang Love Scoop: 'Shamy' Is Heating Up!

Would you believe it if I told you that The Big Bang Theory bosses believe Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) have “the most stable relationship of anyone of the show”?!

‘Tis true! Turns out there’s lots of fun ahead for the gawky lovebirds (and their equally geektastic friends), and Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady gabbed about it all last night at the Golden Globes…

“Sheldon and Amy are settling into a lovely Skype relationship,” Lorre laughs when asked what’s ahead for the quirky twosome. Adds Prady: “They’re often Skyping to each other — they really seem to have the most stable relationship of anyone of the show.”

OK, so Skyping doesn’t sound very hot, but this is Sheldon Cooper we’re talking about! Sounds pretty sexy now, right?

But what if Shamy was no more? Is there still room for now-series regular Mayim Bialik on BBT? Don’t worry, the big boss men assure us that Mayim is in it for the long haul. In fact, fans of Amy, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Bernadette’s (Melissa Rauch) newly-formed sisterhood can look forward to more femme fun in the coming weeks.

“The women really are starting to bond and Penny is really the odd duck because Bernadette and Amy are scientists,” Lorre tells TVLine. “So even among the women on the show, poor Kaley is playing the odd character out, which is wonderful. And, adds Prady, “Amy Farrah Fowler believes that she and Penny are best friends and we’ll see more of that ahead.”

On a more serious note, Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) is about to face the dilemma of a lifetime: mom or girlfriend?

Teases Lorre: “[Wolowitz] lives with his mother and it proves to be difficult on a relationship.” “Bernadette is going to put her foot down and make him pick,” Prady adds. Gasp! Will we lose the lovely offscreen vocal stylings of Mrs. W?! “Oh, don’t bet on it,” Prady laughs. “I don’t think that ever goes away.”

We’re Team Shamy, are you?

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