Good Wife Scoop On Kalinda's Erotically 'Charged' Reunion, Other Guest Stars

Business will once again (perhaps) merge with pleasure for The Good Wife‘s Kalinda (Emmy winner Archie Panjabi) when Jill Flint (Royal Pains) reprises her role of FBI agent Lana Delaney in this season’s 14th episode.

The catalyst for the latest visit from Lana, who last was seen in the Season 1 finale getting close with Kalinda behind a self-storage room door? “Kalinda’s finding that she’s losing a resource in the state’s attorney office in Cary, so she goes to a higher friend,” previews series cocreator Robert King.

Pumping Lana for dirt, though, does not come without complications. “What comes with that,” says King, “is obviously the sexual interest the two have in each other.”

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All told, King describes the storyline as “very charged, because it involves not just politics but also eroticism.”

Yes, he said the E-word.

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Other casting scooplets from King:

* If only because pilot season is starting to snatch up the best actors, the Good Wife bosses don’t expect to make Friday Night Lights alum Scott Porter a series regular. Still, viewers can look forward to a “battle royale between Blake and Kalinda. Obviously I don’t want to give way who wins, but [you can] guess!”

* Michael J. Fox, already booked for an encore this spring as the crafty Louis Canning, will make a third appearance toward season’s end.

* King hopes to have Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope) reprise her role of insurance company mouthpiece Patti Nyholm in Episode 21. Also on his wish list: former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, for “an episode about moral relativism, about what is considered torture and what is not.” And no, Jack Bauer is not the defendant.