Exclusive: Greek Set To Air Groundbreaking Morning-After Pill Episode

Greek has never shied away from important social issues impacting today’s youth, and an upcoming episode of the ABC Family hit is no exception.

In just a few short weeks, one of the show’s leading ladies finds herself in an extremely unsettling situation that ultimately leads her to make a critical decision…

The sixth episode of Greek‘s current (and final) season, penned by former 10 Things I Hate About You boss Carter Covington, will tackle the tricky topic of emergency contraception after a major female character enjoys a little too much “Homecoming spirit,” and ends up taking the morning-after pill.

The whole situation will be a huge eye-opener for the co-ed in question as well as her male partner, both of whom are characters longtime viewers of the series are by and large invested in — whether you like ’em or not. Ultimately, the potential pregnancy scare leads them to a make-or-break moment that will in fact make-or-break the twosome by the episode’s end.

Greek creator Sean Smith says the decision to broach such controversial subject matter was not entered into lightly.

“I read a lot about it and wanted to make sure that we were accurate and respectful to the circumstances,” Smith exclusively tells TVLine. “I also worked closely with the network, and they have a very strong relationship with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy, so we all felt comfortable moving forward.

“While this is one of our weightier issues for the show” Smith adds, “it’s still the Greek version of it, which I’m really proud of. “

Don’t miss this special episode of Greek airing Monday, February 7, at 9/8c on ABC Family.

What do you think about Greek‘s choice to address such a serious issue? Hit the comments below and fill us in.

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