Scoop: Cougar Town Boss Reveals 'Cliffhangery' Kickoff to Midseason Hiatus

UPDATE | TVLine has learned that due to the preemption of last night’s new Cougar Town, the entire schedule has been shifted back one week. Translation: the shocking Travis twist will now air in April. Now get back to your brilliant big-secret guesses in the comments!


Someone fill up Big Carl, stat!

We’ve just learned that an extra special something happens between Cougar Town lovebirds Travis (Dan Byrd) and Kirsten (Collette Wolfe) in the mini-midseason finale that might actually overbear the, um, overbearing Jules…

As you know by now, ABC is making way for Matthew Perry’s Mr. Sunshine this spring by pressing pause on Penny Can for about six weeks. (Grrr, right?!) But get excited because the just-renewed hit is (temporarily) going out with a bang.

“I don’t want to call it a cliffhanger, but there’s going to be an issue raised in the last episode before the break that is going to be paid off at the end of the season,” showrunner Kevin Biegel tells us. “When we come back at the end of the season there are [a few] left, so all of the story arcs we’re setting up for the end of the year, we’re starting now.”

Now here’s the Trav tease we can give you:

“It’s a big thing with Travis, all about him and his girlfriend, Kirsten,” says Biegel. “It’s a huge part of the end of this year. And it’s a situation that closely resembles what Jules’ past was.”

Of course, our mind went straight to baby on board, but the Cougar boss eased those fears, explaining: “It doesn’t mirror [her past] though, so I’m not saying anyone’s getting pregnant or anything. But young love is a big part of it, and Jules dealing with that is what brings us through the end of the year.”

But why Kirsten? Travis has already had another longterm girlfriend on the show, but according to Biegel, it’s the awesomeness that is Collette Wolfe that has elevated her character to perma-stature.

“Collette was so good that we just kept writing to her,” he laughs. “And [Kirsten’s] an older girl and kind of reflexive of his admiration of his mom–the parallels aren’t that hard to draw between his mom and [his girlfriend].”

Hmmm, somehow we don’t think Jules will see it that way, but it sounds like some seriously juicy goodness.

Don’t miss the final episode of Cougar Town before its midseason finale on Wednesday, February 2 at 9:30 pm on ABC.