Parenthood Exclusive: Jason Ritter Returns!!!

Jason Ritter isn’t going to let a little thing like an alien invasion stand in the way of a Parenthood comeback. The Event actor is set to reprise his role as love interest to Lauren Graham’s Sarah for one episode later this season.

“We’re very excited to have him back,” says Parenthood EP Jason Katims. “Sarah comes to him for advice about something. It’s only a few scenes, but what’s nice about it is you see that they still have this amazing connection. They are great together.”

Katims said he and his fellow Parenthood writers concocted the Mark-Sarah reunion story before knowing if Ritter was even available to play it. (Of course, it helps that both Parenthood and The Event are both on NBC.)

“Even though we knew he was [on The Event], we broke this story and we thought, ‘It would be so great to get him,'” Katims explains. “So we pursued it and he wanted to do it. We’re thrilled to have him back.”