Glee Scoop On Sue's New Direction, Plus 9 Romance Updates!

Glee stars have been singing… like canaries, sharing bits of intel about what’s to come when the Fox hit resumes its sophomore season on Sunday, February 6, with a special aprés-Super Bowl outing.

To cite one provocative example: Jane Lynch revealed on Wednesday that in an upcoming episode, Sue Sylvester will join New Directions for a bit, partaking in a performance number set to a song by My Chemical Romance, and featuring Lea Michele and others.

Of course, the word on many a Glee fan’s lips as of late is “Bieber,” as in Justin. The luminous Dianna Agron gave TVLine the inside line on how the teen crooner figures into the Valentine’s Day-themed episode airing February 15.

As we previously told you, The Beebs’ influence is felt when Sam gets it in his head that channeling the lad — bowl cut-meets-mop hairstyle and all — will appeal to Quinn. “But does it? That’s the question,” Dianna teased.

Assessing Sam’s misguided notions, Agron says, “I liken him to a golden retriever puppy. He is sweet, he can be a little dopey — in a lovable way — and sometimes his thoughts aren’t fully cooked.”

All told, “The episode stirs up some problems with them,” the actress revealed.

If Quinn’s wholesome relationship with Sam does peter out, there’s a mob of “Quick” fans hoping to see their girl reignite with babydaddy Puck. Alas, neither Agron nor Mark Salling can offers those ‘shippers much hope. Although she feels that fan base’s pain, Dianna reported, “There’s nothing [planned] right now. Nothing.” Likewise, Mark told me, “It might be a while for that.” (Instead, as scooped in Ask Ausiello, Puck is due for a hook-up with New Directions newbie Lauren.)

To hear Cory Monteith tell it — OK, speculate it — Finn might find himself having (re-)designs on Quinn, especially now that he and Rachel are on the skids. Though Cory claims to have “no idea” what’s to come for Finn and Rachel, he suspects “it’s always going to be back-and-forth between Rachel and Quinn.”

As for McKinley High’s other romances:

* Matthew Morrison is “really looking forward” to Gwyneth Paltrow’s announced encore as Holly Holiday, this time resurfacing as a sex ed teacher (“We’ll see what that entails,” Matt smiled). Might a date or two with Holly rouse Emma’s feelings for Will? Oh yeah. “She’s done enough of making me jealous [with John Stamos’ Carl], that I am looking forward to making her a little jealous now,” Morrison says.

* Will’s ex-wife also stands to lose with Gwyn’s return, hammering yet another nail into that crumbled marriage’s coffin and leaving Terri with zero other options. “Going up against an Oscar winner is so unfair!” Jessalyn Gilsig faux-laments. “Give a girl a chance!”

* Harry Shum Jr. says that Mike (aka Other Asian) and Tina are “going good, though there are some ups and downs — ‘Asian romance obstacles’ — that are fun to explore.” Interestingly, Harry teases that while Tina/Mike may come across as a purely physical relationship, “You soon will see that it’s not entirely like that.”

* “So far, so good” is how Kevin McHale sums up things with Artie and Brittany, one of MHS’ most unlikely hook-ups. “Right now, everybody’s happy,” Kevin says. “When he was with Tina it was super-hardcore drama, so it’s fun to play this while we can.”

* Though Naya Rivera has nothing to tease about Santana and Brittany, her sometimes Sapphic sister, she was game to speculate on what lies beneath Santana’s Cheerios uniform, especially since an upcoming storyline might require her to strip down to her unmentionables: “I’m thinking red, and I’m thinking lace.” And I’m thinking that’s a fine note to leave off on!