Scoop! Cougar Town Crew Gets New Adversary

Here’s one role Mr. Michael Ausiello won’t be playing on ABC’s Cougar Town: the proprietor of a wine bar that Jules and the gang will start frequenting later this season.

Instead, Mad TV alum turned Cougar Town director Michael McDonald will play the recurring part.

Cougar Town boss Bill Lawrence describes McDonald’s character as the “really pretentious [expletive]” owner of “a snooty wine bar a block away from Grayson’s bar.” As such, expect some unfriendly competition as the Cul De Sac Crew bops back and forth between the drink stations.

McDonald, known for playing Mad TV manchild Stuart, also calls the shots on Cougar Town, from behind the camera. “Mike’s just funny,” Lawrence tells TVLine, “and an amazing director.”