CBS Renews Big Bang Theory… Three Times!

Dunce caps for anybody who didn’t see this one coming: CBS has picked up The Big Bang Theory. Aaand bonus points for those of you who predicted that the network would do a multi-year deal instead of a single one: The Eye has locked in the hitcom for three — count ’em, three! — seasons.

And really, why wouldn’t CBS want the show to go on, and on, and on? Not only has it managed to move to a new Thursday time slot without losing any viewers, it’s actually increased its audience (its up 7% from last year overall and 15% in adults 18-49).

Oh, and it’s also still awesomely good.

The news comes after Warner Bros., the studio behind Big Bang, renegotiated new (and lucrative) contracts with the show’s entire ensemble.

Thoughts? Or simply cheers for the network suits who had the smarts to pull off this no-brainer? Comment below…

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