Are Fringe and Lie to Me in Jeopardy?

Fringe and Lie to Me are not doomed. That was the big takeaway from the Fox exec session today at the TCA Press Tour.

Regarding Lie to Me, network president Kevin Reilly called the decision not to order additional episodes this season “a needs thing,” adding, “We’ve got a lot of midseason shows that we’re rolling out and we just have to get a little deeper into the spring and size everything up [before deciding on another season]… We’d like to believe there’s [a future] for Lie to Me. It delivers a very loyal audience wherever we put it.”

Reilly also cautioned against delivering last rites to Friday-bound Fringe. “I beg you not to write the eulogy prematurely,” he begged. “It’s a show we’re very passionate about. I want the audience to transfer to Friday. I would be heartbroken if it went away. But if the fans stick with us the show could be on the air for many years.”

Other highlights from today’s Fox exec presser:

* Lone Star‘s demise “was a real bummer,” acknowledged Reilly. Added Fox chairman Peter Rice: “The truth is it failed to meet the [ratings] expectations that we had. [But] I would much prefer to fail with a show we’re creatively proud of than fail with a show that we’re embarrassed of.” (Somewhere Quintuplets‘ ears are burning.)

* Failed freshman comedy Running Wilde took too long to find its creative sea legs, said Reilly. “The show [eventually] found itself,” he added, “but it was too little too late.”

* Reilly anticipates that veteran hits Bones and House will return next season, but there’s a fair amount of deal-making that needs to happen first.

Thoughts? Still worried about Fringe and Lie to Me? And let’s play the Sophie’s Choice card: If it came down to a choice between the two, which one would you save? Cast your votes below!

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