V Burning Questions Answered: Fifth Column Hook-Ups, Lizard Names and More

Will the Fifth Column open a can of alien whoop-ass? What is the actual name of the Visitors’ alien race? How long does a shuttle take to fly to the mothership? And will Erica ever make time for romance? As ABC’s V (Tuesdays at 9/8c) forges ahead with its sophomore run, TVLine brought these questions and others to executive producer Steve Pearlman.

PLOTTING THE FIFTH | Thus far, Erica’s sextet of Fifth Column members have merely chipped away at V defenses and morale. So when will they plan an attack of a larger scope? Pearlman says that one of Season 2’s missions is to strengthen the resistance by establishing global allies. To that end, “In Episode 4 we introduce Oded Fehr (Sleeper Cell) in a three-episode arc, as the leader of another sect of Fifth Column — and his story leads us into worldwide exploration of [the movement] And in Episode 7, we have a story where Erica and Hobbes actually go to Bangkok and Hong Kong.” (Anna, meanwhile, will drop in on Vatican City, a trip made possible by green screen — if only because the shuttle lands right in Saint Peter’s Square. Laughs Pearlman, “I don’t think the Vatican would have let us do that!”

TIME FLIES | Folks like Chad and Ryan seems to bop back and forth ‘tween Earth and Anna’s ship as easily and quickly as taking the No. 6 train two stations. So just how long is one of the Vs’ shuttle runs? “It probably takes about two minutes,” Pearlman reveals.

MAKING LOVE, NOT WAR? | At some point during the course of, you know, saving the world, two of our heroes will find time for a hook-up. But who? Pearlman says to keep an eye on a series star Elizabeth Mitchell’s talk-show tour this week: “One of the clips she has with her may give a little hint toward that.”

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | Will V ever reveal the actual name of the alien race led by Anna? Pearlman himself acknowledges, “They obviously don’t call themselves the Visitors” — and yet they often do. And for the foreseeable future, there is no plan to assign a name (Klingewoks?) to Anna’s kind.

THE PARENT UNTRAPPED | How long will the Visitors’ true queen be confined to her darn-n-dreary prison? Pearlman says that Diana (original V series member Jane Badler) will get out and about “in the later part of the season,” and probably not with her daughter’s blessing. Says the EP, “I don’t think Anna would be too happy to know that Diana got out.”

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