Detroit 1-8-7 Scoop: Three Big Reveals Ahead

So, Detroit 1-8-7 didn’t receive a Season 2 pickup this morning like a handful of other ABC shows (Go, Cougar Town!) — that certainly doesn’t mean it’s dead.

In fact, Detroit is alive and well, and I’ve got three shocking scooplets on Fitch, Longford and the rest of the squad just for you.

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Fitch: Poor, Fitch (Michael Imperioli). Things are never easy for 1-8-7‘s leading man, but a show source tells me a huge reveal is right around the corner that may change everything. Dying to know what happened with the detective in New York? (Aren’t we all!) Well, get ready because the answer is juicy and almost here. Any guesses as to what the big secret is? Oh, and that’s not even the biggest problem plaguing Fitch…

Fitch/Sanchez/Stone: Enter the dreaded love triangle! The entire squad is about to get rocked when the Fitch/Sanchez/Stone, um, threesome of sorts, takes an ugly turn as the result of another action: the sudden appearance of Fitch’s ex-wife and son. Dun-dun-dun!

Longford: Detroit‘s Sergeant (James McDaniel) is thisclose to retiring…or is he? In the coming weeks, Longford will wrestle with whether or not he should leave his post to fulfill the promise he made to his late wife to live the “Tuscan dream.” My prediction: He’ll ultimately stay on board.

Overall, I’m hearing things really intensify for all characters in the coming weeks. So if you’re worried about the future of the series, be sure to keep tuning in because Detroit 1-8-7 only gets better.

Catch Detroit 1-8-7 Tuesdays at 10/9c, on ABC.

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