Will Katy Perry Spoil a HIMYM Romance?

Pop tart Katy Perry is bringing her considerable assets to CBS’s How I Met Your Mother, playing a potential love interest for one of the main characters.

The California Gurl will appear in an upcoming episode of the sitcom as the beautiful and naïve cousin of Jennifer Morrison’s Zoey. And since CBS is billing Perry’s character — whom the gang (affectionately?) dubs “Honey” — as a possible love interest for Ted, it’d seem that Mr. Mosby’s nascent romance with the lovely architecture advocate is due for some sort of detour.

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“There will be some interesting plot developments,” HIMYM cocreator Carter Bays told TVLine this week, previewing what’s to come for Ted and Zoey. “Their relationship continues to get more and more complicated. There are a lot of twists coming.”

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Perry’s only previous acting-ish work has been a snuffed appearance on Sesame Street, a saucy Simpsons stop-by and the voice of Smurfette in the upcoming motion picture about some silly blue, animated kiddie show characters.

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