Funny Stuff: Parks and Recreation Season 3 Video Preview

Grab yourself a midday plate of breakfast food and cozy on up to the computer, because NBC has released a nearly four-minute preview reel for the long (no, really, long) awaited Season 3 of Parks and Recreation.

When last we left off with Leslie, Ron et al, Rob Lowe (The West Wing) and Adam Scott (Party Down) had arrived on the scene as auditors anxious to make the peeps of Pawnee a lean, mean governmental machine.

Elsewhere, Andy was on the verge of something with April, when an impetuous kiss from ex-GF Ann threw a major wrench into those works.

Hit play below to see what Parks and Rec, which premieresThursday, January 20, at 9:30/8:30, has in store after its seemingly interminable time off.