Exclusive: Fringe Spoilers, But There's a Twist…

… they’re hidden in an independent record store near you!

Allow me to explain: In Fringe‘s Jan. 21 episode (its first in its new Friday time slot), Walter comes face-to-face with his musical hero — the keyboardist for the ’70s band Violet Sedan Chair, Roscoe Joyce, played by Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future).

As a genius tie-in, producers created a vinyl album for the group titled Seven Suns and shipped it to select independent record outlets nationwide. “They’ve been in stores for a couple of months now,” says a show insider.

The best part: Each individual album is different, including specific spoilers and clues about the show embedded in the lyrics (and possibly elsewhere). “They all have unique properties,” says the source.

Now fans just have to find the stores that carry the album. Well, that and figure out who are the real musicians behind the faux group. Says the insider: “We’re keeping that a secret for now.” (Sure, now they decide to be tight-lipped!)

Anyway, Fringe fans, that’s your mission, should you choose to accept it. Find those albums — and email me pics and intel at askausiello@tvline.com! Hurry!

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