Exclusive: No Ordinary Family Regular in for a Big Surprise

One of No Ordinary Family‘s leading ladies is in for a major shock–mysterious super powers aside: She has a baby on board!

So who will be donning a belly bump in the not so distant future? The answer may surprise you…

… Or maybe not.

Of course, the actress in question is Autumn Reeser, who just so happens to be pregnant in real life — what are the odds?!

An ABC spokesperson tells TVLine exclusively that Reeser’s oh-so-sweet Katie will learn she’s knocked up in the New Year, much to the shock of, well, everyone.

Actually, Reeser will be surprised to learn of the pregnancy, too, since we caught up with the starlet at last night’s People’s Choice Awards and she still had no idea what her No Ordinary Family bosses had up their sleeve.

“I’m starting to show so they’re going to have to decide [if Katie’s pregnant] pretty soon,” she laughed. “Personally, I would love to see it written in because that would be a really interesting struggle for Katie. She’s so naive in so many ways, to watch her struggle with a pregnancy would be awesome.”

Ask and ye shall receive!

Now the big question: who the heck is the baby daddy?! The hookup from this week’s episode perhaps? Maybe someone we’ve yet to meet? Speculate away in the comments!

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