Blind Item: Tensions Mounting on Hit Show

Apparently, what they say of real estate is just as true of television: It’s all about location, location, location! You see, the subject of today’s Blind Item is a cast member on a hit show that shoots… well, not in L.A., let’s say. And while the stars in general are pretty unhappy about it, this one in particular is so miserable that it’s having an adverse affect on the entire production!

Luckily, if the drama returns for another season — and there’s no reason to think it won’t — there’s an outside chance producers may pack up and head to Cali. Mind you, the reason isn’t JUST the disgruntled cast. Filming away from TV Central has turned out to be far more expensive than anticipated. And while the show’s ratings are strong, they ain’t strong enough to justify the bulging budget.

So, any guesses as to the identity of the actor? The show? The location? Hit me with your best shots below!

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