All My Children, Hot In Cleveland Plan Two-Way Crossover Event

Call it “Hot In Pine Valley.”

ABC’s All My Children and TV Land’s Hot In Cleveland will take part in a two-way crossover this February, when Wendie Malick‘s Cleveland character lands a role on the long-running sudser.

As Hot In Cleveland fans know, there is zero love lost between Malick’s Victoria Chase, a down-on-her-luck alum of (the fictional soap) “Edge Of Tomorrow,” and industry icon Susan Lucci. Still, that doesn’t keep Victoria from tackling a day-player role on the sudser La Lucci has called home for 40 years.

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The two-way crossover event kicks off February 16 and 23 on Hot In Cleveland, with Lucci and fellow AMC vets Michael E. Knight (aka “Tad”) and Darnell Williams (“Jessie”) appearing on the TV Land sitcom as themselves.

Then on the February 24 episode of All My Children, Malick will appear in character playing a character — Gertie, a housekeeper who ends up moonlighting as a bartender at Confusion after Erica Kane cans her.

“There is only room for one Erica Kane in Pine Valley,” says ABC Daytime president Brian Frons, “and Victoria Chase will unfortunately find that out the hard way.”

Hot In Cleveland premieres its second season on Wednesday, January 19.

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Are you curious to check out this two-way, daytime-primetime crossover? (Do you have any idea what I detailed above? Because I lost track about halfway through, myself.)