Funny Vid: James Van Der Beek Gets Emotional

James Van Der Beek goofs on a GIF of his sobbing Dawson’s Creek self in a new video from FunnyOrDie.com.

“If you’re under the age of 20, odds are you know me best from a five-second clip of me crying,” the actor says, referring to the animated GIF of Dawson reacting to Joey breaking up with him, an Internet meme that pops up in many a blog’s comments section.

Van Der Beek’s takeaway from the embarrassing bit of online fame: “[T]he Internet is really demanding… more intense emotional closeups of my face.”

Thus he has launched JamesVanDerMemes.com, a website where fans can download brand-new GIFs of the Beek being happy, rolling his eyes, giving an O-face (“That’s for you ladies,” he winks), or delivering “Dramatic Dawson.”

Van Der Beek’s video spoof comes five months after Dawson’s costar Joshua Jackson gave FunnyOrDie a similarly in-jokey tour of “Pacey-Con.”

Whether you’re a Dawson’s fan or not (though it certainly helps), the VanDerMemes are funny stuff. Check out the video here: