The Good Wife: 6 Burning Questions Answered

For fans of The Good Wife, it’s three weeks down and one more to go until CBS’ acclaimed drama – which recently netted new Golden Globe and SAG Award noms – resumes its sophomore run.

What’s next for TV’s most intense romantic triangle? What’s the dirt on the new dirt-digger to get in Kalinda’s way? And when exactly will the state’s attorney election be held…? As this season’s 10th episode nears, Robert King (who created the series with his wife Michelle King) gave TVLine the answers to those burning questions and others.

WHEN WILL PETER’S FATE BE DECIDED? | As deliciously twisty and turny as Peter’s road to political redemption has been, we have to wonder: Exactly when are elections held in The Good Wife‘s version of Chicago? “We moved it back a little because we were having so much fun with Anika [Noni Rose] and Titus [Welliver]” as campaign rivals Wendy Scott-Carr and Glenn Childs, King explains. As it now stands, Election Day will arrive “a little later than we thought, which was the 14th episode – but not by much.”

WHAT’S THE SCOOP ON THE NEW SNOOP? | Lockhart, Gardner & Bond’s one-two punch of Kalinda and Blake will gain a new foe when Cary recruits a top-shelf snoop of his own. “Tim Guinee (Lie To Me) has the very funny part of Wiley, a stay-at-home dad who is dragged back into being an investigator for the state’s attorney,” says King. “It’s as if Columbo had an 18-month-old.” With the power of Childs’ office behind him, Wiley will for certain “be a threat to Kalinda and Blake. These three could hurt and help each other in so many different ways.”

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WHAT’S UP WITH KALINDA’S LOVE LIFE? | New competition isn’t all Kalinda (Emmy winner Archie Panjabi) has coming her way. FBI agent Lana Delaney (played by Royal Pains‘ Jill Flint), who was last seen in the Season 1 finale getting (ahem) close with Ms. Sharma outside a self-storage unit, is slated to make another appearance. Says King, “We love bringing people back when you least expect it.”

WILL ALICIA BE OUT-FOX’D AGAIN? | Almost immediately off his first turn as the crafty Louis Canning, Michael J. Fox was booked for an encore in Episode 13, when Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and her neurologically impaired nemesis cross paths on an Erin Brockovich-style class-action case. As with the twosome’s first face-off, “It’s not clear whether Louis is a bad guy or a good guy,” King teases.

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WHO WILL ALICIA CHOOSE? (PART 1) | A lesser show would have been content to base its season finale around Diane’s plan to start up her own firm – thus prompting Alicia to pick a side, and in doing so choose to stay close to or distance herself away from Will. But The Good Wife will play that card much sooner than May sweeps. “You’ll find that moving a little faster,” says King. Specifically, that arc really gains steam with the Jan. 11 episode.

WHO WILL ALICIA CHOOSE? (PART 2) | Alicia has had little time to act on the information she culled from the FBI wire tap – that Will (Josh Charles) perhaps did try harder to woo her away from Peter during the events of the Season 1 finale – and thus far has only put in a request to have a “moment” to “talk.” Muddying matters is the fact that Will now is rounding the bases with sportswriter Tammy (played by Elizabeth Reaser). “Will seems to be in a very serious, growing relationship, so what is [Alicia] going to do with this new information?” King posits. “She hates that missed connection. She wants to complete that connection.” TVLine hears that once Alicia does go fishing, she will hit an unexpected detour — and that could lead her to take crafty measures toward flushing out the truth!

The Good Wife returns with fresh episodes on Tuesday, January 11, at 10/9c. Which storyline are you most interested in?