NCIS Readies Tony-Centric Prequel

NCIS is about to go digging around in Tony DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly) past.

Executive producer Shane Brennan confirms to me exclusively that a Spring episode will delve into DiNozzo’s life before he became an NCIS agent (and the object of Ziva’s unrequited lust).

“The episode will reveal much about DiNozzo’s past as a Baltimore cop,” previews Brennan. “And yes, we’ll hear the first words exchanged between DiNozzo and Gibbs. It’s a memorable first meeting.”

NCIS, which currently ranks as TV’s most-watched scripted hour with an average of 21.3 million viewers, has been on a bit of an origin-episode kick this season. This fall, the show flashed back to the early days of Rocky Carroll’s Vance.

Whose backstory do you want NCIS to explore next? (That noise you hear is the sound of millions of fans screaming, Abby’s!”)

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