Should SNL Bring Stefon to the Big Screen?

The Saturday Night Live-watching crowd seems to have arrived at a consensus: They are wild for Stefon, the tweaked-out club kid who frequents Weekend Update with his latest take on Trash, Push, Crease or whatever “the hottest” nightspot of the moment happens to be. And that makes us wonder-slash-worry: Could Bill Hader’s Stefon be the next SNL character to leap onto the big screen?

Yes, MacGruber — spun off of Will Forte’s SNL send-up of TV’s MacGyver — performed abysmally at the box office this summer, but when has critical or financial blowback stopped TV’s long-running sketch series from graduating another of its favorite children to the cineplex?

C’mon, admit it — you kinda do want a longer peek inside Stefon’s wee-hours world, populated as it is by Furkels, Muslim Elvis impersonators and slip-n-sliding fat kids with biscuit-like knees who only look like Mick Jagger.

Or, are the Stefon sketches enjoyable in large part due because of Hader’s tendency to break mid-rave, especially when trying to describe what a “fire hydrant” is. (Refresher: That’s a high-waisted midget with a big backside, clad in red.)

Wishing a new SNL movie upon us, though, could be a form of courting disaster. Because while hopping clubs with Stefon might be fun, it could also mean that Kristen Wiig’s naughty Gilly will one day spend 90 straight minutes saying “What?” Meaning, for every (original) Blues Brothers or Wayne’s World, there have been far more feature follies akin to It’s Pat, A Night At The Roxbury or (shudder) Stuart Saves His Family.

Do you think SNL should try to resist any future big-screen dreams? Or is there a current recurring character that could benefit from a trip to the theater?

This story originally appeared on Movieline.com.