Lyndsy Fonseca Teases Big Nikita Death, Possible Hunger Games Gig

This week on The CW’s Nikita (Thursdays at 9/8c), all that stands between Alex getting promoted to a full-fledged Division field agent is her execution of a kill job — meaning, she will have to take out a target without prejudice. But for Alex, whose pitch-black past is marked by painful death, pulling the trigger when needed may prove not be so simple.

“She’s wondering if she can do it or not,” Lyndsy Fonseca previews. “Part of her wants to do it because [as a field agent] she can work with Nikita and do good. But at the same time, if she does kill someone she has become one of the people she hates.”

Elsewhere during the action-packed episode, Jaden brings to someone’s attention a clue suggesting that Alex has been running her own covert op behind Division’s back, Percy and Michael get wind of a security breach that points to a mole conspiring among them, and Nikita engages in her biggest (and thus baddest!) group fight scene to date.

“A lot happens,” Fonseca promises. “It was a huge and fun episode to film, so I’m excited to see how it all came together.”

Once the dust (literally) settles in this week’s episode, there will be a significant death that “changes everything about the show,” Fonseca teases. “Everything changes.”

Looking to Alex’s future, Fonseca says a potential love interest is on the way — to be played by no less than her onetime Young and the Restless scene partner, Thad Luckenbill — and a life change that leaves the young spook in “complete shock.”

Outside of her Nikita assignments, Fonseca is said to be on the short list of actresses to possibly star in a movie adaptation of the Hunger Games book trilogy. Though she was sent the script in October, she says there is “nothing to report” yet regarding her possible audition for the lead role of post-apocalyptic teen Katniss Everdeen. In the meantime, Fonseca is busy pouring through the young adult-oriented sci-fi series, which she raves is “so good.”

“Good” also happens to be a label Fonseca is anxious to shed with regard to the type of characters she plays, citing a pigeonhole she fell into early in her career (with turns on such shows as Y&R and Desperate Housewives). To that end, she can be spied  conspicuously consuming an ice cream cone in a “video portrait” helmed by famed photographer Tyler Shields.

“For so long, I was seen in one way — as Kick-Ass’ girlfriend, or the sweet girl next door — so I wanted to do something I had never done before,” she explains of the tease-filled video. “That was my form of rebellion.”

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