What to Watch Tonight

Mistresses, Longmire and Beast Return, Whose Line and More

On TV this Monday: The Mistresses are back in action, Longmire picks up the pieces, Beauty and the Beast fights the law and The Writers’ Room airs its Pretty Little finale. Here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

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  • The CW
    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    New time slot alert! New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski tries his hand at improv with the gang.

  • ABC
    The Bachelorette

    A trip to Santa Barbara with her suitors helps Andi decide who will stay and who will go.

  • Showtime
    Years of Living Dangerously

    Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Matt Damon discuss topics such as extreme heat and global migration.

  • The CW
    Beauty and the Beast

    Summer premiere: Cat and the team must work together to clear murder suspect Vincent’s name.

  • NBC
    American Ninja Warrior

    Competitors in Dallas, Texas tackle 10 obstacles, including the new Tilting Table, Ring Toss and Swinging Frames. Relatedly, I cannot do one pull-up.

  • Fox
    24: Live Another Day

    Tensions between President Heller and Prime Minister Davies boil over, and Jack proposes a plan to locate Margot al-Harazi.

  • A&E

    Season 3 premiere: Walt deals with the aftermath of Henry’s arrest and Branch’s shooting.

  • ABC

    Season 2 premiere: Eight months after cheating death, Savi makes the most of her second chance, while Karen struggles to rebound from personal and professional losses. Soleil Moon Frye (Punky Brewster) guest-stars as herself.

  • FX

    Mother Nature takes control of Louie’s life, and Louie rebounds from Amia. (Perhaps with a woman that speaks English?)

  • Sundance
    The Writers' Room

    Season finale: The showrunners and stars of Pretty Little Liars discuss their cre-“A”-tive process and devoted fan b-“A”-se.