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NBC Eyes Dark Trip to Oz With Emerald City

NBC Wizard of Oz Pilot Emerald City

Seriously, is anyone not off to see the Wizard this development season…?

Following in the ruby slippered footsteps of Syfy (and its post-apocalyptic Warriors of Oz) and CBS (with the medical drama Dorothy), NBC is developing Emerald City, which is described as …READ MORE

Once Upon a Time Bosses: TV's Other Wizard of Oz Projects Won't Rush Our Own Plan for Dorothy

Once Upon a Time Wizard of Oz

Although two other networks have declared themselves off to see the Wizard, the creators of ABC’s Once Upon a Time will not in turn fast-track their own trip down the Yellow Brick Road. READ MORE

The Wizard of Oz, CBS Medical Drama…?!

Syfy Wizard of Oz Miniseries

At this rate, Once Upon a Time may need to get in line to riff on Dorothy, Tin Man et al.

CBS has put into development Dorothy, a medical drama that will lift characters and themes …READ MORE

Syfy Eyes Post-Apocalyptic Wizard of Oz Mini

NBC Wizard of Oz Pilot Emerald City

We are so not in Kansas anymore.

Syfy has tapped Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter director Timur Bekmambetov to executive-produce (and possibly helm) a miniseries adaptation of The Wizard of Oz — but with a big ol’ post-apocalyptic twist. READ MORE