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White Collar to End With Six-Episode Season 6

White Collar Cancelled

After six seasons, USA Network is officially hanging White Collar out to dry. READ MORE

White Collar Season Finale Recap: Has Neal's — and the Show's — Time Run Out?

White Collar Season 5 Finale Recap

Lesson learned, White Collar: Don’t talk to strangers, especially if they’re tailing you.

The USA Network drama finished up its fifth season on Thursday night with a finale that found Neal …READ MORE & GRADE THE EPISODE

Exclusive White Collar Finale Video: Rachel Puts a Ticking Clock on Mozzie's Life

White Collar Season 5 Spoilers

On this Thursday’s season finale of White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c), Neal will fight to save someone he loves from dying at the hands of someone he might have loved.

In the following exclusive sneak peek, the con man gets a call from his traitorous ex Rachel …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive White Collar First Look: Neal Bargains With Hagen for Rebecca's Life

White Collar Season 5 Spoilers

On tonight’s White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c), Neal’s con life puts his new romance in danger.

In the following exclusive video, the criminal informant tries to rescue his lady love, Rebecca, from Hagen’s clutches. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive White Collar Video: Peter Questions Neal's Whereabouts — Plus: Who Has Ex Issues?

White Collar Season 5 Spoilers

On this Thursday’s White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c), a key piece of evidence tips Peter off to Neal’s recent secret, anklet-free sojourn, and we’ve got your exclusive first look at their tense confrontation. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Exclusive White Collar Sneak Peek: Neal Brings Peter a Case on Elizabeth's Behalf

White Collar Season 5 Spoilers

This Thursday on White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c), Elizabeth suspects that the recently resurfaced son of a family she used to work for isn’t who he says he is. But to get her FBI hubby to investigate the suspicious situation, she has to recruit Neal to do a little convincing, as seen in the following exclusive preview. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Bridget Regan Steels Herself for White Collar Romance: 'It Is Not a Difficult Job to Have'

White Collar - Season 5

Bridget Regan finds herself in familiar territory.

Almost exactly a year to the day that she was cast on Beauty and the Beast as a spoiler to the then-blossoming Vincent/Cat romance, she makes her White Collar debut as a romantic interest for TV’s most eligible bachelor, Neal Caffrey — thus following in the estimable footsteps of Hilarie Burton and Gloria Votsis. READ MORE

Exclusive White Collar Video: Can Neal Get Bookish Bridget Regan to 'Open Up'?


A new red-hot romance is about to ignite on White Collar, and TVLine has a first look at Bridget Regan‘s debut as the new lady who catches Neal Caffrey’s eye. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

White Collar's Tim DeKay: In Season 5, Peter and Neal 'Have Got to Address Their Relationship'

White Collar Season 5 Spoilers

The tables have turned on White Collar.

In tonight’s Season 5 premiere (USA Network, 9/8c), FBI agent Peter Burke is the one behind bars while con man Neal Caffrey concocts a scheme to free him. The aftermath will force the partners/pals to spill how they really feel about each other as a new G-man ultimately steps in to monitor Neal. READ MORE

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Bones, Once, Castle, Five-0, Scandal, Supernatural, TWD and More!

Bones Wedding Spoilers

Which Scandal strangers will get more friendly? Will the Bones wedding go off without a hitch? Did Once Upon a Time‘s Hook ever swagger down the aisle? Is red-hot White Collar romance ahead? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. GET THE INSIDE LINE!