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Exclusive: E! Cancels Ryan Lochte Reality Series

What Would Ryan Lochte Do Cancelled

Here’s what Ryan Lochte shouldn’t do: Give up his day job.

E! has pulled the plug on the Olympian swimmer’s reality series What Would Ryan Lochte Do? after one season …READ MORE

What Would Ryan Lochte Do?: 5 Reasons I Want to Watch (and Then Be Reprimanded by a Nun)


Jeah. No, wait, scratch that. JEAH! (That’s more like it, right?)

If the preceding sentence makes no sense to you whatsoever, then you might want to watch the following extended trailer for E!’s upcoming celebreality series What Would Ryan Lochte Do? Actually, you might not want to watch it at all, and that’s okay, too. READ MORE & WATCH TRAILER AT RISK TO YOUR PRECIOUS BRAIN CELLS