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Under the Dome Renewed for Season 2

Under the Dome Recap Bomb Attack

The folks in Chester’s Mill would be well-advised to sit tight, seeing as CBS has renewed it’s summertime hit Under the Dome for a 13-episode second season, to air in Summer 2014. READ MORE

Under the Dome Recap: MOABsolute Mayhem

Under the Dome Recap Bomb Attack

This week on CBS’ Under the Dome… stuff happened! (Really!) Big Jim made a decision about captive Angie’s fate, Barbie dug up explosive intel on the military’s plan for Chester’s Mill, someone committed cold-blooded murder and the dome’s mettle was tested.

Here’s a rundown of new things we learned, and new questions raised. READ MORE

Dean Norris: Breaking Bad's Final Run Hits You 'Like a Freight Train' — Plus: Big Dome Mysteries


Dean Norris is having a very hot summer.

CBS’ Under the Dome, on which he plays Big Jim, got off to a boffo start and has its frightening “Fear” chapter starting soon. Meanwhile, AMC’s acclaimed Breaking Bad returns for its final half-season …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO Q&A

Under the Dome Stars Tease Last 5 Minutes of Season Finale, Plot Junior's Grisly Death

Under the Dome Comic Con

How do you properly tease a cliffhanger-y season finale without completely spoiling everything? For a textbook case study, check out Rachelle Lefevre and Mike Vogel spilling some very select beans about the upcoming capper to CBS’ summer hit Under the Dome. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO Q&A

Comic-Con First Look: Under the Dome's Stark and Moo-ving Key Art!

Under the Dome Mike Vogel

Holy cow! CBS has unveiled the key art it’ll be using at San Diego Comic-Con for its summer smash Under the Dome, and it’s inspired by the most indelible (and crazy-gory) image from the show’s premiere. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTO

Under the Dome Recap: Outbreak… Breakout?

Under the Dome Recap Big Jim Finds Angie

This week on CBS’ Under the Dome, a meningitis outbreak landed dozens of people — including several key players — in quarantine, Julia’s investigation of Barbie’s lies led her to a dark truth about her husband, and poor Angie tried to keep her head above water.

Here’s a rundown of new things we learned, new questions raised. READ MORE

Under the Dome Recap: Dodgy Barbie, Nerd Love and a Simpsons Movie Shout-Out

Under the Dome Recap

This week on CBS’ Under the Dome, Julia spent some quality time with Junior “Call Me James,” Joe’s impromptu house party ended with a bang and the manhunt for Deputy Paul landed Barbie on Big Jim’s radar. Here’s a rundown …READ MORE

Under the Dome: Which 'Burning' Questions Were Answered in Week 2? Which Lives Were Lost?

Under the Dome Recap Duke Dead House Fire

This week on CBS’ Under the Dome, the residents of Chester’s Mill learned a bit more about their frightful fishbowl, and along the way bid a tragic adieu to two neighbors. READ MORE

Scoop: Under the Dome Traps Mare Winningham for Mysterious Role

Under the Dome Cast Mare Winningham

Mare Winningham is taking a trip Under the Dome.

The two-time Emmy winner — most recently nominated for her turn on Hatfields & McCoys — will guest-star on CBS’ summer smash, TVLine has learned, in a role that is …READ MORE

Under the Dome's Mike Vogel Discusses Barbie's Unlikely Hero Status: 'He Is a Good Guy'

"The Fire"--  When a former deputy goes rogue, Big Jim recruits Barbie to join the manhunt to keep the town safe. Meanwhile, Junior is determined to escape the dome by going underground, on UNDER THE DOME, Monday, July 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Pictured: Mike Vogel as Dale "Barbie" Barbara Photo: Michael Tackett/©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.. All Rights Reserved.

After watching the debut installment of CBS’ new summer smash Under the Dome, one thing was abundantly clear: Maybe-murderer or not, Mike Vogel‘s Barbie is the man you want on your side should your city find itself trapped beneath an enormous invisible barrier.

But what’s the real deal with the mystery man? READ MORE