True Blood Scoop: Alexander Skarsgard's Season 7 Fate Revealed! Plus -- EP Talks That Nude Scene, Bill-Sookie-Alcide Triangle and More

Although I know all you True Blood fans are all still busy mourning Eric’s (apparent) demise, I suspect you’ll want to take a break from your weeping to read what showrunner Brian Buckner has to say about Alexander Skarsgard’s future involvement with HBO’s monster smash.

For that matter, you’ll probably also be keen to read in this exclusive Season 6 post-mortem/Season 7 preview how …READ MORE

True Blood Recap: Die Another Day

Though Sookie gnaws open her own wrist to revive Warlow in “Life Matters,” this Sunday’s True Blood – the season’s penultimate – she refuses to allow Bill to take her fiancé away to save all the series regulars from the Sun Parlor of Doom. “Get Eric to give everyone transfusions,” she suggests (not verbatim) before blasting her ex out of fairy land. “After all, since his attack on Warlow, he has …READ MORE

True Blood Recap: Decisions, Decisions

Although Sunday’s episode of True Blood is titled “Dead Meat,” none of our regulars actually perish. (Not even Arlene, whose hangover from last week’s bender I could’ve imagined being lethal.) However, Sookie does make a decision that at first makes her pulse race and eventually will stop her heartbeat altogether. WTH? Read on. I’ll explain… READ MORE