White Collar Preview: Tim DeKay Reveals How to Woo a Sexy 'Black Widow'

In what series creator Jeff Eastin “one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done,” this Tuesday’s White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c) tasks the FBI with the case of a “black widow” – a woman who marries wealthy men and then profits when they are killed under suspicious circumstances.

“The only way we think we can [catch her] is to go undercover as a potential husband for her,” previews Tim DeKay, whose (happily married) FBI agent Peter Burke joins Neal (Matt Bomer) and Jones (Sharif Atkins) as man candy at a charity bachelor auction. READ MORE

White Collar Season Finale Preview: 'The Last Scene Shocks Me Every Time I See It'

Like the best season finales, White Collar this Tuesday at 10/9c not only serves up satisfying resolution, it plants a provocative seed for its next run of episodes.

“We kick it to a whole new level,” executive producer Mark Goffman told TVLine at a PaleyFest event tributing the USA Network series. “We wanted to pay off everything that’s been set up so far — and it’s been a great ride for all these characters as they look into the music box — but the last scene … READ MORE


White Collar's Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Prove Their Chemistry Is No Con

As USA Network’s White Collar resumes its second season this Tuesday at 10/9c, it’s a perfect occasion to appreciate the show’s two male leads. As FBI agent Peter Burke and his con man consultant, Neal Caffrey, Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer deliver a chemistry that can only exist off-screen as strongly as it does on. You can see it for yourself, as the actors sat with TVLine for this exclusive 2-on-1 interview. READ MORE