White Collar's Tim DeKay: 'It's Game On, Neal'

Will Neal take the treasure and run? That’s the question at the center of White Collar‘s current season (airing on USA Network, Tuesdays at 9/8c). But the bigger question is: Will TV’s best bromance ever be able to gain back the trust?

It may be difficult to repair the damage from the tense cat-and-mouse game Peter (played by Tim DeKay) and Neal (Matt Bomer) have been playing, but DeKay feels confident the two will work it. After all, these guys “love each other,” he points out. But … READ MORE

White Collar Preview: Tim DeKay Reveals How to Woo a Sexy 'Black Widow'

In what series creator Jeff Eastin “one of the funniest episodes we’ve ever done,” this Tuesday’s White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c) tasks the FBI with the case of a “black widow” – a woman who marries wealthy men and then profits when they are killed under suspicious circumstances.

“The only way we think we can [catch her] is to go undercover as a potential husband for her,” previews Tim DeKay, whose (happily married) FBI agent Peter Burke joins Neal (Matt Bomer) and Jones (Sharif Atkins) as man candy at a charity bachelor auction. READ MORE

White Collar Season Finale Preview: 'The Last Scene Shocks Me Every Time I See It'

Like the best season finales, White Collar this Tuesday at 10/9c not only serves up satisfying resolution, it plants a provocative seed for its next run of episodes.

“We kick it to a whole new level,” executive producer Mark Goffman told TVLine at a PaleyFest event tributing the USA Network series. “We wanted to pay off everything that’s been set up so far — and it’s been a great ride for all these characters as they look into the music box — but the last scene … READ MORE


White Collar's Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer Prove Their Chemistry Is No Con

As USA Network’s White Collar resumes its second season this Tuesday at 10/9c, it’s a perfect occasion to appreciate the show’s two male leads. As FBI agent Peter Burke and his con man consultant, Neal Caffrey, Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer deliver a chemistry that can only exist off-screen as strongly as it does on. You can see it for yourself, as the actors sat with TVLine for this exclusive 2-on-1 interview. READ MORE