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Reality Check: Who's Pulling Ahead on The Voice? Does X Factor Need 'Groups' Therapy?

The Voice - Season 5

Season 5 of The Voice is down to just 10 contestants — but three or four standouts are beginning to separate from the pack.

On this week’s Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I discuss …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The X Factor Top 12 Results Recap: Did the Right Acts Get Booted This Week?

X Factor Top 12 Results Recap

X Factor contestants, I feel for you. (Yes, that was a Chaka Khan reference.)

Let’s be honest: Your mentors are constantly trying to upstage you with superfluous (sometimes ¡interpretive!) dancers. The apocalyptic on-stage lighting situation is probably only manageable with the use of alcohol, Prozac, intensive psychotherapy or …READ MORE

The X Factor Recap: Eighties Is Enough

THE X FACTOR Khaya Cohen

Informal poll time, X Factor watchers!

The most confounding portion of tonight’s Top 12 performance telecast was:

A. Paulina Rubio’s continued employment in the face of her enthusiastic incompetence READ MORE

The X Factor Voting Snafu Forces Top 13 Performance Redux: Seriously, Simon?


Turns out Paulina Rubio’s string of verbal gaffes weren’t the biggest disasters on Wednesday night’s installment of The X Factor. READ MORE

The X Factor Recap: Motown Operandi


Like that expensive cheese in your fridge that unexpectedly presents with a patch of furry blue mold, The X Factor is the reality competition that asks the eternal question: To toss the whole package into the trash compactor with a satisfying whirr — or to press the CTRL+SCRAPE+EAT button.

Tonight’s Season 3 Top 13 performance night spent two hours framing said debate: READ MORE

TVLine Items: Selena Gomez Visits X Factor, HBO's Open Adds Cheyenne Jackson and More


The X Factor is slowing down a bit with an appearance by Selena Gomez.

The Disney darling-turned-pop starlet will drop by the Fox competition series …READ MORE

Reality Check: Big Surprises From The Voice Knockouts! Plus: X Factor's Sorry 'Mentoring'

Reality Check Slezak Doolittle

Several early front-runners firmed up their status during The Voice Season 5 Knockout Rounds, but the final hurdle before the Live Playoffs was marked by a number of unexpected twists as well.

On this week’s installment of Reality Check, my cohost Melinda Doolittle and I dish …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The X Factor Recap: Restless Road Syndrome


On a purely surface level — which is most likely Simon Cowell’s ideal criteria for critique — The X Factor got plenty of things right with Tuesday night’s Top 16 performance show.

For starters, can I get a “huzzah” for the total absence of hokey backstories (or any backstories whatsoever)? And then, of course, we have to applaud the dramatic cutback in gruesome closeups of weeping child singers. (This time around, evicted contestants were quickly ushered out of the camera’s view, presumably to be met by a hooded figure …READ MORE

The X Factor Exclusive: Watch the Season 3 Top 16 Rock Their First Photo Shoot


Carlito Olivero performs a hat trick. Khaya Cohen gets her dance on. Lillie McCloud proves she’s still got the best hair in the competition. And Restless Road appear to engage in silent harmonizing.

Yes, folks, The X Factor‘s Season 3 Top 16 photo shoot is in the books, and we’ve got exclusive first look at the corresponding video footage. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Reality Check: Will The Voice's Best Man Survive the Battles? Plus: X Factor's Paulina Problem

Reality Check Slezak Doolittle

The Voice has wrapped its Season 5 Blind Auditions. The X Factor‘s Four-Chair Challenge is in the books. But it’s not over till Reality Check has added a dollop of critique and a pinch of cheekiness to the proceedings — or so I like to think. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO