Newsroom Recap: 'This Is Some Good Television'

In this week’s Newsroom, despite last episode’s Leona ex machina, a post-Genoa air of despair hangs heavy over Atlantis Cable News. What’s more, the action takes place on election night, a traditionally hectic evening. So how is it that one of the worst times in News Night history makes for one of the best episodes in the HBO drama’s two seasons? READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: Clock Blocked

In this week’s episode of The Newsroom, ACN’s Operation Genoa story falls apart like me during the last 15 minutes of Beaches. A bunch of questions are answered, at least one opportunity (in my opinion) is missed and three News Nighters throw themselves on their journalistic swords to save the reputation of the network. READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: Sarin, Lies and Videotape

This week, the clock on the Newsroom story we’ve known all season was going to blow up in the News Night team’s faces starts ticking down in earnest – and one key player is revealed as a liar who’s basically responsible for the whole debacle. Elsewhere, I fear there’s another misguided Jim hook-up on the horizon. (Ladies love the floppy hair, I guess?) READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: We Report, You'll Just Cry

This week’s episode of The Newsroom finally shows us what happened to Maggie and Gary in Africa, and it’s bad. Not the same flavor of bad that I (and, judging by the past few weeks’ comments, many of you) expected, but still a nasty, nauseating, heartbreaking development that would probably cause me to take a hacksaw to my hair, too. READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: Screw YouTube

What do a Laundromat, the continent of Africa, a lack of hairdryers, YouTube’s privacy policy and universal voicemail settings have to do with this week’s Newsroom? They’re all part of Maggie Jordan’s emotional downfall, which in this episode gains momentum like a pebble rolled from the top of Kilimanjaro. READ MORE