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The Newsroom Recap: Love, Loss and What Sloan Didn't Wear — Plus: Concrete Genoa Proof?


Absolutely no one, except for maybe Charlie, has a good time in The Newsroom this week. While the beetle-browed news boss blinks in disbelief over an Operation Genoa windfall, his underlings engage in petty bickering, day-drinking, wallowing, sniping, error-making, almost-job-losing and D-list-stardom-busting. Oh, and then someone dies. READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: We Report, You'll Just Cry


This week’s episode of The Newsroom finally shows us what happened to Maggie and Gary in Africa, and it’s bad. Not the same flavor of bad that I (and, judging by the past few weeks’ comments, many of you) expected, but still a nasty, nauseating, heartbreaking development that would probably cause me to take a hacksaw to my hair, too. READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: Will's Voicemail Revealed!

newsroom s2ep3 recap dw

Nina Howard, you shifty little minx.

Last season, The Newsroom made a point of showing us you erasing Will’s high-as-a-kite voicemail of love to MacKenzie (which you obtained illegally via wiretap). That development made it seem like you’d …READ MORE

Should Killing Duo Kiss? Bachelorette Hypocrisy? Messy Teen Wolf Mythology? And More TV Qs!

Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) - The Killing _ Season 3, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/AMC

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Killing, The Newsroom, The Fosters and Suits! READ MORE

The Newsroom Recap: Screw YouTube


What do a Laundromat, the continent of Africa, a lack of hairdryers, YouTube’s privacy policy and universal voicemail settings have to do with this week’s Newsroom? They’re all part of Maggie Jordan’s emotional downfall, which in this episode gains momentum like a pebble rolled from the top of Kilimanjaro. READ MORE

Ratings: The Newsroom Returns Up as True Blood Hits a Season High

Ratings The Newsroom Season 2

This just in….

HBO’s The Newsroom on Sunday night drew 2.2 million total viewers to its Season 2 opener at 10 pm. That’s up 5 percent from the buzzy drama’s series launch, yet …READ MORE

The Newsroom Premiere Recap: Into the Mess-tic

newsroom s2ep1 dw

Remember the “American Taliban” comment Will lobbed at the Tea Party in the final hour of The Newsroom‘s first season? Sure, it was all fun and triumph and patriotic idealism at the time. But as we learn throughout the opening episode of Season 2 …READ MORE

Save the Dates: Your July Calendar of More than 70 Premieres and Finales

Summer TV July Premieres and Finales

The networks may have you starting to think about the fall season already, as they reveal premiere dates and what not. But make no mistake, there is much more summer fare to soak in — and we’ve got a handy calendar hitting the highlights. READ MORE & VIEW CALENDAR

First Full Newsroom Trailer: 'Chips Are Falling'


This Just In: Will McAvoy is in deep doo doo.

When The Newsroom‘s nine-episode second season bows on July 14, Jeff Daniels’ lightning rod of an anchor is dealing with the fallout from an on-air comment he made comparing …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Hot Promo: The Newsroom Team Stands Alone


Call it “The Adventures of Will McAvoy, King of the Journalistic Integrity Desert.”

Before teeing up what portends to be Game of Thrones‘ huuuuge penultimate Season 3 episode, HBO on Sunday night premiered a new promo for The Newsroom‘s sophomore run. READ MORE & WATCH PROMO