Exclusive Following Sneak Peek Teases Lily's Twisted Backstory: 'This Is My Family'

Lily’s twins? Just the tip of the psychopathic iceberg.

Exhibit A: this exclusive sneak peek at next week’s episode of The Following, which shows us — gasp! — that the duplicitous Ms. Gray may have some followers of her own. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Following's Tiffany Boone Talks Mandy's Upcoming Choice: 'She's Going to Shock Herself'

Even before the first time we met her, The Following‘s Mandy Lang was well aware of who her “Uncle Darryl” really is – and what he can do.

But knowing someone is a serial killer and seeing that fact in action are two different things. Still, portrayer Tiffany Boone says, a lonely teen yearning for a father figure might be willing to …READ MORE


The Following's Traumatic Subway Trip: Exclusive Video Divulges Secrets of the Horrifying Ride

In the same way that The Following‘s pilot made Poe seem all the more creepy, the Fox thriller’s Sunday night Season 2 premiere likely made you think twice about using public transportation. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO