The Following Recap: Off the Rails

You’d think a room full of serial killers wary of each others’ motives would make for some compelling television. Yet when two Following factions meet in this week’s episode, it is to surprisingly “meh” effect.

Meanwhile, Ryan and Max’s family bonding means they let a killer slip through their hands together. (Awwww.) READ MORE

The Following's Tiffany Boone Talks Mandy's Upcoming Choice: 'She's Going to Shock Herself'

Even before the first time we met her, The Following‘s Mandy Lang was well aware of who her “Uncle Darryl” really is – and what he can do.

But knowing someone is a serial killer and seeing that fact in action are two different things. Still, portrayer Tiffany Boone says, a lonely teen yearning for a father figure might be willing to …READ MORE