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Finale Ratings: Housewives Goes Out Big, Once Hits 10-Week High, Survivor at All-Time Low

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES - "Finishing the Hat" - All good things eventually come to an end, and in the two hour finale, "Give Me the Blame" / "Finishing the Hat," Trip (Scott Bakula) begs Bree to tell him what really happened the night of Alejandro's murder as her trial begins to go south and it looks like she's about to be convicted; Gaby tries to come up with a solution that will take the burden off of Bree; Susan tries to keep the sale of her house private until she's had a chance to break the news to the ladies; Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) returns to Wisteria Lane and offers Lynette an intriguing job opportunity - which could end her chances of reconciling with Tom; the women all agree to take care of Mrs. McCluskey when they discover that she wants to die with dignity at home; Susan finds herself at wits end when Julie goes into labor at the most inopportune time; and Renee is shocked to discover that, as their wedding nears, Ben has been arrested and thrown in jail. "Desperate Housewives" ends its successful eight-season run on the ABC Television Network with a splashy two-hour finale event on SUNDAY, MAY 13 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET). (ABC/RON TOM)

Those Desperate Housewives cleaned up good with their series finale on Sunday night, delivering 11.1 million total viewers and a 3.2 demo ratings — season highs and the show’s best numbers since March 2011. (Because someone, like me, might wonder: DH debuted in October 2004 to 21.3 million total viewers.)

Teeing up that big kiss goodbye, Once Upon a Time‘s first season finale drew …READ MORE

Survivor: One World: Can You Ever Imagine Choosing Food Over a Shot at Immunity?

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Call me a sadist, but I love it when Jeff Probst waves delicious food under contestants’ noses to try to get them to drop out of immunity challenges in favor of stuffing their gullets. And it never ceases to amaze me how many players would give up, for example, a 1-in-9 shot at $1 million for some cookies or cupcakes or burgers.

During this week’s Survivor: One World, …READ MORE

Survivor: One World: Is There Any Way [Spoiler] Can Win? Take Our Poll!

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You’ve got to hand it to Kim: I can’t remember a player in recent Survivor history who’s been able to juggle multiple, conflicting alliances without so much as getting a suspicious eyebrow from one of her (soon-to-be-betrayed) comrades.

Of course, after this week’s episode …READ MORE

Survivor: One World: Did a Higher Power Intervene This Week? Take Our Poll!

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If you weren’t already convinced that Colton was one of the most reprehensible characters in the history of reality television, then the first half of this week’s Survivor: One World had to have finished the job of swaying you, right? READ MORE

Survivor: One World: Too Soon for Buff-Dropping? Take Our Poll!

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This just in: Survivor: One World is now Survivor: Greek Gods Vs. Peasants.

Yep, with 14 players left in the game, Probst gave the old …READ MORE & TAKE POLL

Survivor: One World: Laugh, Scream, or Vomit?

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So few likable players, so many conflicting emotions. That pretty much sums up my feelings on this week’s episode of Survivor: One World, which saw the all-male Manono tribe dominate the women in the immunity challenge, only to hand over their idol and head to tribal council because, um, Colton doesn’t like hanging around poor people? READ MORE

Survivor: One World Cast Includes Phlebotomist, NFL Vet's Wife, Stand-Up Comic – Watch Video!


Eighteen castaways will engage in a battle of the sexes on Survivor: One World, premiering Wednesday, Feb. 15 on CBS. This season’s contestants come from a wide variety of unique, specific careers, ranging from a phlebotomist (fancy name for a lab tech who draws blood for tests) to a motorcycle repairman to a timeshare salesman (egads). The two competing tribes will share …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO