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Doctor Who to Say Goodbye to Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill


The Doctor will be getting a new friend soon.

Doctor Who‘s current companion Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) and her hubby, Rory (Arthur Darvill, far right), will not be returning to the British sci-fi series after the next season …READ MORE

Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Will Be Huge,' Says Steven Moffat


The 50th anniversary of the Doctor Who franchise is still a ways off — it arrives in 2013, to be exact — but the BBC series’ current executive producer has already started thinking about what promises to be “an amazing year” for Who fans. READ MORE

Steven Moffat: Torchwood's Captain Jack May Visit Doctor Who, But Never, Ever the Reverse


Doctor Who fans, did you think an appearance from John Barrowman’s Captain Jack was missing in the last new episode? You’re not the only one. READ MORE