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The Office Says Farewell to Michael Scott With a Tear and a Smile


On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say the almost-60-minute Office sendoff was a solid 7. And Michael’s prediction last week that leaving Dunder Mifflin was “gonna hurt like a mother[bleep]er” was dead on. Which, in a way, was a shock. READ MORE

Great Scott! Counting Down The Office's Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Moments (Day 4)

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Parting truly is such sweet sorrow, especially when the person leaving has been an integral part of your TV-lovin’ life. But the day of Michael Scott’s Office farewell is finally here, so instead of sulking around — I’m saving that for later tonight — let’s celebrate his seven seasons of hilarity with Michael’s Top 8 Greatest Moments.

Warning:This is gonna hurt like a motherf—er.” Thanks for that one, Michael. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Great Scott! Counting Down The Office's Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Moments (Day 3)


Better late then never! Prison Mike has finally made an appearance on TVLine’s Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Scott Moments countdown. But what else is on the list? Read on for Day 3′s hilarious and heartfelt selections and then check back Thursday — D-Day for Michael — to find out what made the Top 8!  READ MORE & WATCH VIDEOS

Great Scott! Counting Down The Office's Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Moments (Day 2)


And TVLine’s “Goodbye, Michael Scott” countdown rolls on…

It’s Day 2 of my 32 Most Memorable Office Moments extravaganza, and things are not getting any easier, folks. The clips are funnier, the laughs are bigger, and — if you’re anything like me — the thought of losing one of TV’s greatest characters (and Steve Carell) this Thursday (NBC, 9/8c) is becoming increasingly unbearable. But let’s get to it: Is your favorite Scott-ism on this list? …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEOS

Great Scott! Counting Down The Office's Top 32 Most Memorable Michael Moments (Day 1)


The time has finally come to kick-off our week of “Goodbye, Michael Scott” goodies, and I for one am a big ol’ mess about it. The thought of The Office moving ahead without its shameless leader (and Steve Carell, for that matter) is still kind of unbearable, but this is happening, folks, so I’ve put together a digital trip down memory lane to help ease the pain — even if just a bit.

Over the next four days, I’ll be counting down Michael’s Top 32 moments — eight per day — leading up to the departing boss’ supersized swan song this Thursday at 9/8c on NBC. Did your favorite Scott-isms make the cut? READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Jim Carrey Joins the Star-Studded Office Finale


The Office finale just became sssmokin’ hot, thanks to funnyman Jim Carrey. …READ MORE

Steve Carell's Office Farewell Just Got Bigger


NBC is super-sizing Steve Carell’s Office swan song. …READ MORE

The Office First Look: Will Ferrell Makes His Dunder Mifflin Debut


In less than a week, The Office will be bubbling over with Will Ferrell greatness. But why wait until then to get to know DeAngelo Vickers, Dunder Mifflin’s new man(ager) about town. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Office Exclusive: Ray Romano, James Spader, Catherine Tate in Running For Top Job


With Steve Carell’s Office exit set to air in a matter of weeks (April 28 to be exact), you’d think the pool of possible Michael Scott successors would be narrowing.

Think again.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that three additional names have been added to the short long list of potential replacements: …READ MORE

The Office First Look: Meet the New Boss!


Following Thursday’s hilarious and swoon-worthy proposal-themed episode of The Office, viewers were treated to a first look at Will Ferrell’s April 14 debut as the new Big Cheese in Scranton.

That promo is now embedded below for your viewing pleasure. One important disclaimer: …READ AND WATCH MORE