Spoiler Alert!: True Blood Stars Spill Their Guts on Season 5! Plus: Private Practice Time Jump?

In this week’s edition of Spoiler Alert!, Matt Mitovich and I predict how Private Practice will do away with axed actor Tim Daly and reflect on the fallout from Mad Men‘s decision to make Joan a prostitute. But what will really have you clicking “play” quicker than a True Blood vampire in fast-forward mode is…  READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Revenge Death(s)! Smash Bloodbath! Grey’s Anatomy's Sad Farewell!

Look, I’m not gonna say that they’re should be a special Emmy category for Best One-Liner in an Episode of Spoiler Alert!, but there should be, and Parks and RecreationsRetta should win it, no contest.

In this week’s edition, Matt Mitovich and my by-now-almost-regular cohort blurts out, and I paraphrase …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Vamp Diaries Scoop! Broke Girls' Big Promotion! Mad Men Controversy!

Featured in this week’s all-new Spoiler Alert! is something we’ve never seen before and may never see again: a bigger teleholic than Matt Mitovich and myself — 2 Broke Girls’ self-professed TV junkie, Beth Behrs.

And that’s just for starters.

Not only does the actress — who, in case you’ve never met her, is bubblier than champagne — express astonishment/excitement about her show’s big timeslot upgrade, she comes to the defense of Mad Men’s Jessica Paré, explains Game of Thrones, cops to a few Real guilty pleasures and …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Who's Dying on Grey’s? Community Crisis? Dair DOA on Gossip Girl?

This week on Spoiler Alert!, Matt Mitovich and I are joined — metaphorically, at least — by a guest star that no actor wants on their show: the Grim Reaper!

Meaning, not only will we reveal who (we think) will suffer the “dark, dark death” that Grey’s Anatomy has promised, but we’ll also offer up as a sacrifice the Community regular who is “quite expendable”; mourn the demise of one Gossip Girl couple; and tease the possible rise of a “psycho murderer” on …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

House-Centric Spoiler Alert!: Cast Reveals Who's Back, Who's Dying and (Much) More!

Are House fans in for an epic bait-and-switch with regard to the show’s upcoming series finale? If Hugh Laurie‘s preview of the swan song is to be believed, the answer is a big fat yes.

In the following special edition of Spoiler Alert! — shot on location at the House wrap party — Laurie and his fellow co-stars open up for the first time about …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Terrifying Once Upon a Time First Look, Ugly Revenge Twist and More!

This week, Spoiler Alert! goes bad. Not that it is bad, mind you, it’s just, we traipse over to the dark side to preview the upcoming Revenge episode in which Daniel flies into a violent tizzy, and we also offer a sneak peek at a Once Upon a Time episode that apparently features the Evil Queen doing a full-on Wicked Witch cackle. READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

Spoiler Alert!: Good Wife's Cary/Kalinda 'Moment!' Thrones Face-Off! Gilmore Movie Update!

This week’s Spoiler Alert! is brought to you by the letter “G,” which presented us with the perfect opportunity to spotlight three of our favorite obsessions: The Good Wife, Game of Thrones and (because some of us just can’t let go) Gilmore Girls. READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED