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New Spoiler Alert!: Fringe, Private Practice Series Finale Scoop! Plus — Cougar Town's Back!


The first thing you need to know about this week’s episode of Spoiler Alert! is that Matt Mitovich and I are not drunk.

We’re merely buzzed.

But it’s all for a good cause: READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED!

New Spoiler Alert! Dissects the Homeland, Dexter and Gossip Finales, Sizes Up New Grey's Cast! Plus: Once Upon a Time's Hook Is In For a Shock


In this week’s Spoiler Alert! — to distract ourselves from worrying about whether we wound up on Santa’s naughty or nice list — Matt Mitovich and I evaluate some season (and midseason) finales to decide which were gifts from the TV gods… and which amounted to lumps of coal. (Spoiler alert: They were all pretty good. Even Gossip Girl‘s series finale!) READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Parks and Rec's Retta Dishes On Revenge, Scandal, Walking Dead and More!


While you’ve been finishing off those Thanksgiving leftovers, Matt Mitovich, our special guest Retta and I have been busy cooking up insightful analyses of your favorite TV shows for a new episode of Spoiler Alert!

“Like what?” you say.

For starters, we lament the character that Revenge should’ve thought twice before killing off. We weigh the …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Fringe 'Observations,' Grey's Death Takes a Toll and Gossip Girl Finale Twist!


If I had to pick three words to describe this week’s edition of Spoiler Alert!, they’d be “no,” “holds” and “barred.”

Not only do Matt Mitovich and I dissect the the highs and lows of Fringe‘s final season, check the vitals of two bubble dramas (666 Park Avenue and Last Resort) and contemplate the long-term impact of …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Debating Polarizing Twists on Good Wife, Revenge, Scandal and More!


The presidential debates are over, but the Spoiler Alert! debates are just getting underway!

This week, Matt Mitovich and I welcome back Community cut-up Yvette Nicole Brown to dicker over the Good Wife “spinoff” that nobody wanted, look at Revenge’s big flip-flop from a “cultural perspective,” and settle on what kind of a show Homeland REALLY is. (Hint: It’s not a …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Gossip Girl Going Out With a Whimper? Plus: Scoop on Dead, New GirlAsylum


You could tune in to this week’s edition of Spoiler Alert! to catch Matt Mitovich’s review of American Horror Story: Asylum. Or you could watch to find out why, if you ask me, this final season of Gossip Girl is “running on fumes.” Or you could check it out to catch …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: A Glee Reveal, a Big Bang Hook-Up, an Anarchy Death – Plus: Michael Urie!


After all the break-ups on Glee, you might be relieved to see my co-host, Matt Mitovich, and I still sharing office space and gossip in this week’s Spoiler Alert!

Even if you aren’t relieved, you should still watch this week’s installment, during which we not only give credit where it’s due — the “Break-Up” episode was a crusher! — we tease the big reveal that’s coming up for Kurt and Blaine.

And that’s just for starters. READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

New Spoiler Alert!: Rating the Premieres of Castle, Grey’s, HIMYM and More — Plus: Once Scoop!


Apologies in advance if it seems like Matt Mitovich and I are talking extra fast in this week’s Spoiler Alert! But there was a lot to discuss!

First, we dissect the season kickoffs of How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Wife and a few other shows. …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED

Spoiler Alert! Season 2 Premiere: Fall TV's Best Bets (and Busts), Plus Scoop on Glee, Dexter

Fall TV Preview

One Fall TV season premiere you may have forgotten about (but let’s face it, you didn’t) is TVLine’s very own Spoiler Alert! web series. Well, cross it off your list because Season 2, Episode 1 is here for the having.

My colleague Matt Mitovich and I open our sophomore run by …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Spoiler Alert! The Best Comedy Emmy Goes to…


In this special “Emmy Comedy Preview” episode of Spoiler Alert!, Matt Mitovich and I lead off by tackling the following provocative question: Can any show beat the kudos juggernaut that is Modern Family?

As Community demonstrated …READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & GET SPOILED