Smash Recap: About Last Nightcap...

This week on Smash, the last few holdouts finally realize Jimmy is the WORST, Hit List‘s Broadway prospects dim and Tom & Julia: The Sitcom looks closer to cancellation. Oh, and the episode ends with two shocking developments — one very sexy and one involving somebody getting hit by a car. READ MORE

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Bones, Smash, Rookie Blue, Revenge, Arrow, NCIS: LA and More!

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Question: Any NCIS: LA scoop? —Kria
Ausiello: The May 14 finale will be a veritable Big Badapalooza. “It’s like a supervillains episode,” teases Barrett Foa. “Basically, every bad guy we’ve ever done battle with [is] coming back for the finale.” The returning evildoers include …READ MORE & GET SPOILED

Smash Recap: The Nude Normal

This week on Smash, Ivy Lynn proves that art can sometimes imitate a wardrobe malfunction, Karen backbone-building exercises begin to pay dividends and (say it ain’t so!) Julia and Tom’s friendship hits a rocky patch. Plus, Julia makes big contributions to Bombshell and Hit List, Kyle completes his transition from forgotten dustpan into a real human boy and Eileen gets double-crossed by …READ MORE

Smash Recap: Liza With a B-Day

Nobody puts Liza in a corner! But apparently, NBC can (and will) put her — and her lively guest performance on Smash — in a Saturday-night primetime wasteland. Oh the indignity of it all!

Then again, so what if the Peacock net is using the weekends to burn off the polarizing little musical that could/(n’t)? We’re in the DVR era, for cryin’ out loud, and if we’ve stuck with The Romantic Trials of Karen Cartwright (and Her Inconvenient …READ MORE

Smash Recap: Parental Guidance Rejected

There are two ways to look at Smash‘s final Tuesday-night outing: You could feel depressed that NBC is pushing its musical dramedy to Saturday nights, where it’ll be whacked with the Grim Reaper’s scythe like a piñata at a child’s birthday party. Or you could raise the adult beverage of your choice and rejoice that this week’s episode featured the indomitable Bobby and another one of his …READ MORE