Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones on Capt. Irving's Secret: 'It's Not What You're Expecting'

Sleepy Hollow‘s Orlando Jones knows what you’re thinking.

The man is online all. the. time. He scans Tumblr, tosses out fan fiction prompts, live-tweets episodes and gets all up in it with the increasingly enthusiastic viewers of his supernatural series. With all of those hours logged on the Web, he’s seen a lot of theories about what his character, the seemingly straitlaced Capt. Frank Irving, might be hiding. READ MORE

Sleepy Hollow Recap: The Roots of All Evil

It’s Thanksgiving in Sleepy Hollow, so let’s make like families everywhere and go around the table, saying what we’re grateful for. I’ll start.

I’m thankful for Ichabod Crane’s sea-glass eyes. I’m thankful for Abbie Mills’ no-BS, head-cocked way of viewing the absolute insanity her life has become. I’m thankful for “leftenant” and baked-goods-tax rants and …READ MORE