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Sleepy Hollow's Orlando Jones on Capt. Irving's Secret: 'It's Not What You're Expecting'

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Spoilers Orlando Jones

Sleepy Hollow‘s Orlando Jones knows what you’re thinking.

The man is online all. the. time. He scans Tumblr, tosses out fan fiction prompts, live-tweets episodes and gets all up in it with the increasingly enthusiastic viewers of his supernatural series. With all of those hours logged on the Web, he’s seen a lot of theories about what his character, the seemingly straitlaced Capt. Frank Irving, might be hiding. READ MORE

Sleepy Hollow's Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison Toy With 'Ichabbie,' Hint at Huge Season Finale


Outside a nondescript soundstage tucked in a far corner of a Wilmington, N.C., backlot, it’s a stunning late-fall day. Cornflower blue sky. Chilly. Sunny. Quiet.

Inside, however, a different, sinister story unspools. READ MORE

Sleepy Hollow Exclusive: Look Who's Playing Ichabod's Father (Hint: You'll Approve)


Sleepy Hollow fans, prepare to have your wigs flipped.

The supernatural drama has cast… READ MORE

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Good Wife, Scandal, HIMYM, Sleepy Hollow, Following, Once and More


Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: Is Scandal incorporating Kerry Washington’s pregnancy into the show? I hope not. I can’t see Olivia running around after a kid.—Mark
Ausiello: READ MORE

Sleepy Hollow Recap: The Roots of All Evil


It’s Thanksgiving in Sleepy Hollow, so let’s make like families everywhere and go around the table, saying what we’re grateful for. I’ll start.

I’m thankful for Ichabod Crane’s sea-glass eyes. I’m thankful for Abbie Mills’ no-BS, head-cocked way of viewing the absolute insanity her life has become. I’m thankful for “leftenant” and baked-goods-tax rants and …READ MORE

Sleepy Hollow: 9 Teases From This Week's Pivotal Episode (With Scoop From the Series' Stars)

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Spoilers

We’ve seen this week’s Sleepy Hollow, and it’s a scary game-changer. Wanna know what happens? READ MORE

Should Glee Let Rachel Move On? Was Sons Too Brainy? A Scandal-ous Six-Pack? And More Qs!


We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, Sons of Anarchy and Glee! READ MORE

Sleepy Hollow Recap: Horseman, Thy Name Is…

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Recap

Sleepy Hollow pop quiz, question #1: Who the heck was the Headless Horseman before he got all Hessianed-up?

Question #2: Is Andy Brooks a good guy? Bad guy? A little of both? READ MORE

'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Castle, Arrow, Grey's and Other Shows Are Faring


‘Twas a particularly busy week for romance on the tube — with crushes in quarantine, illicit lovers hidden in hotel bedrooms and one hunk literally tearing a heart apart. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Quotes of the Week: Best Zingers From Nashville, New Girl, Revolution, Supernatural, Glee and More


It’s Sunday, which probably means you’re binge-watching TV in an effort to relieve your overloaded DVR.

If you need a quick break, why not dive into our regular Sunday feature, Quotes of the Week, packed with the best one-liners from the small screen over the last eight days. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS