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The X Factor Recap: No One Wants to Be Defeated

THE X FACTOR: Top 7 Performance: Marcus Canty performs in front of the judges on THE X FACTOR airing on Wednesday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.

“Paula Abdul is no longer a mentor,” a practically giddy Steve Jones informed us at the top of this week’s X Factor Top 7 performance show. But Strong Chin With Devastating Cheekbones (clad in double-breasted gray pinstripes!?!?) didn’t realize that his nemesis at the judges’ table wasn’t destroyed by last week’s ouster of Lakoda Rayne, but rather freed up to launch a sold-out tour of Cirque du Abdul: ¡Gobbledygook!

Indeed, Michael Jackson Week found Paula trotting out some of her loopiest critiques of the season, telling wee rapper Astro that …READ MORE

Who Does Barbara Walters Find Fascinating This Year? The Kardashians, a Modern Duo and More!


Not only does Barbara Walters keep up with the Kardashians, she finds the polarizing reality staples fascinating.

Yep, you read that correctly.

Walters has unveiled her picks for the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 and the entire Kardashian family made the cut. READ MORE

The X Factor Top 9 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Acts Go Home?


Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like winning a reality singing competition and becoming a global music superstar (please pardon the Kelly Clarkson paraphrase). Others wind up respectively landing in eight and ninth place, which doesn’t quite have the same confetti-from-the-rafters, loved-ones-crying-tears-of-joy, celebratory ring to it. …READ MORE

The X Factor Top 9 Performance Night: Follow Along With Our Pithy Live Blog!


There’s no denying the awesomeness of Thanksgiving — in fact, I just had a brief food fantasy about the whoosh of a can-opener breaking into a tangy container of processed cranberry sauce — but I’m a little more dubious about “Giving Thanks” as a theme night on The X Factor. I’ll say this: If it involves any of the Top 9 acts covering “I Believe I Can Fly,” “The Greatest Love of All,” or “Jesus Take the Wheel,” I’m going to start drinking this Sauvignon Blanc straight from the bottle. …READ MORE

The X Factor Leaderboard: Who's Your Favorite From the Top 9 Acts? Vote Now!


And then there were nine. Yes, folks, with Stacy Francis’ ouster during last week’s ridiculously dramatic results show, we’re down to the single digits in acts competing for The X Factor Season 1 crown.

Check out my rankings for the remaining contestants, then hit our poll to vote for your favorite! …READ MORE AND VOTE

The X Factor Top 10 Results Recap: Honey, I Flunk This Kid [Updated]


It can’t be easy to come within weeks of a $5 million record contract only to wind up in 10th place. But at least tonight’s X Factor evictee received a parting gift via these words of sage advice from guest performer Rihanna: “You have to love what you do.” Um, anything else, RiRi? …READ MORE

The X Factor Recap: Rock, Shock, and Four Sniping Judges


In the words of REM — and now, Melanie Amaro — “everybody hurts sometimes.” Unfortunately for Nicole Schpelunker, hurting time may arrive during Thursday night’s results-show telecast, as two of the three acts in her “Over 30s” category look like good bets to meet the same fate as the 15 (!) vocalists TKO’d under Paula Abdul’s watch over the last two weeks.

How bad is the prognosis for LeRoy “Dorian Gray” Bell and Stacy “Paw in a Bear Trap” Francis? Well, …READ MORE

The X Factor Recap: Movie Violations

THE X FACTOR: Melanie Amaro on THE X FACTOR airing on Wednesday, Nov. 9 (8:00-10:00pm PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Ray Mickshaw / FOX.

Things I don’t want to see ever again on The X Factor: Two-hour commercials promoting Adam Sandler’s latest “film.” Any/all of the judges channeling Randy Jackson in their critiques; back-critiquing performances they praised in the previous week; trying to take credit for …READ MORE

The X Factor Top 11 Performance Night: Follow Along With Our Snappy Judgments


The X Factor’s Top 11 acts will perform “Songs from the Movies” this week, which means we all have to brace our ears for an inevitable Disney princess ballad or perhaps the American Idol Death Anthem known as “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now).”

If you don’t want to face that kind of music alone, …READ MORE

The X Factor Top 12 Performance Night: Follow Along With Our Snappy Judgments


Spoiler alert: Stacy Francis is going to go for a giant glory note, Rachel Crow is gonna be all gosh-darn-aw-shucks cutesy, and those gentlemen from Stereo Hogzz shall bust a move.

Yes, it’s Top 12 Performance Night on The X Factor — and also your first opportunity to get your vote on and challenge the authority of judges who prefer Dexter Haygood to Elaine Gibbs.

If that sounds like your kind of party, …READ MORE