Scandal Recap: Unholy Matrimony  

On Thursday’s Scandal, Cyrus makes his return to the White House a memorable one, Olitz prepares for a wedding, and – holy Shondaland! – Mellie pulls off one of the greatest single-episode comebacks in the ABC juggernaut’s history. Let’s recap, shall we? READ MORE

Scandal Recap: Hail to the Chief

While Thursday’s Scandal stuck to the usual script for much of the hour — Olivia’s in a pickle, Jake still has an ex-wife, and hey, Mellie really hates Olitz!  — things eventually heated up in Shondaland as Cyrus was placed firmly back in the driver’s seat. Let’s recap and discuss, shall we?  READ MORE

Scandal Recap: A Date With Destiny

Note to ABC: All of the E! True Hollywood Story: Olivia Pope footage that was interspersed throughout Thursday’s Scandal needs to be spliced together, expanded and slotted for this Sunday at 9/8c between Once Upon a Time and Quantico. I guarantee you it will pull in a better rating than Blood & Oil. READ MORE

Scandal Recap: White House Frown

Scandal fans, are your jaws still on the floor after last week’s game-changing final moment? Would you vote for Olivia’s carefully measured, emphatic “Yes” as the single most satisfying word ever uttered in the history of Shondaland? While the latter question is up for debate READ MORE