Person of Interest: Sarah Shahi Ponders Shaw's Sex Life (Um, Knives?), Talks Love/Hate With Root

When last we tuned into CBS’ Person of Interest (Tuesdays, 10/9c), Shaw got a blast from the past — in the former of young POI who evoked memories of her own sad childhood — and then she received a jolt in the present, when at episode’s end Root roused her from slumber with a stun gun. Sarah Shahi, who like Amy Acker became a series regular this season, spoke with TVLine …READ MORE

On Person of Interest, Sarah Shahi Trades 'Wink- Wink, Flirt-Flirt' for Being 'The Ultimate Bad-Ass'

There’s not a whole lot Sarah Shahi can say about her role on this Thursday’s Person of Interest (CBS, 9/8c). But what she does reveal, she reveals with relish. Plus… it’s Sarah Shahi, so we’re going to allow it.

At the time of Shahi’s casting, series creator Jonah Nolan said of her role as Sam Shaw, “If James Bond …READ MORE