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Once Upon a Time Recap: Rhymes With Witch

Once Upon a Time Regina Wicked Witch Sisters

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Regina in Storybrooke came to terms with her and Henry’s new “relationship,” while in Fairytale Land she came face-to-face with the Wicked Witch. READ MORE

Exclusive Once Upon a Time Video: Emma & Neal Have 'The Talk,' Rumple Has a Brutal Reunion

Once Upon a Time Spoilers

This Sunday on Once Upon a Time, as Rumplestiltskin and Bae aka Neal struggle to move past the “awkward” stage that typically follows the reunion of a father and the son he let fall through a time-/realm-jumping portal, they discover that a common foe has wormed his way into the Big Apple — and TVLine has a video sneak peek. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Recap: Once Upon a Time Spins a Golden Twist

ONCE UPON A TIME - ABC's "Once Upon a Time" stars Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. (ABC/KHAREN HILL)

Warning: The following contains spoilers from this Sunday’s episode of ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

This week on Once Upon a Time, Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin played plucky Belle, but the real beauty of the episode came from a big reveal about … READ MORE

Once Upon a Time Exclusive First Look: What Did the Curse Cost the Evil Queen?


If you think powerful curses come cheap, you’re living in a fantasy world.

Or, actually, you are not — because as Once Upon a Time‘s Evil Queen learns in this exclusive “flashback” clip from the ABC series’ second episode (airing Sunday at 8/7c), she will have to pay a killer price … READ MORE & WATCH PREVIEW

Once Upon a Time's Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin & Co. on Their Literal "Dream" Project


You know how excited I am about Once Upon a Time, right? And I know how excited you’ve seemed about it. Well, that’s nothing compared to how psyched the show’s stars, Ginnifer Goodwin, Robert Carlyle, Jennifer Morrison and Josh Dallas, are about their buzzy ABC fantasy drama. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO