Revenge Recap: Blackouts Be Gone!

How to cure crippling blackouts, Revenge style:

1. Bind the blackout-ee’s hands and feet.
2. Nearly drown the blackout-ee – who is, understandably, not psyched – by forcefully submerging her head and torso in a tub of ice water.
3. Repeat until she coughs up a memory that completely, instantly …READ MORE

'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Sherlock, TVD, Mindy, HIMYM and Other Shows Are Faring

Either something’s in the water, or people on TV were just really loving each other (and kissing each other) this past week. Don’t believe us? Check out our new edition of ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments in the lives of TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing. READ MORE