Revenge Finale Recap: Dead Man Walking

S— just got real. I mean, we knew going in to the third season finale of Revenge that someone was gonna end up rockin’ a body bag. But nothing — not even TVLine’s own preview — could have prepared us for the shocknado that was unleashed in “Execution.” Since the episode defies traditional methods of recappage, I shall merely endeavor to keep my jaw off the floor long enough to count down the hour’s five biggest surprises. READ MORE

Revenge Recap: Giving the Devil His Due

The season’s penultimate Revenge doesn’t merely reveal the identity of Charlotte’s kidnapper, deliver one massive game-changer and set up yet another for the finale – although, really, that would be quite satisfying enough – it also serves as an exquisite reminder of what a slick and enjoyable soap it can be. So read on, and savor the guilty pleasures offered up by “Impetus.” READ MORE


Exclusive Revenge Video: A Grieving Victoria Lashes Out at Conrad - But What's She Hiding?

Far be it from us to cast aspersions on a grieving woman, but we’ve got a feeling that Revenge‘s Victoria might be something from her sometime husband Conrad (shocker, we know).

As you’ll see in the following exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode “Impetus” (ABC, 10/9c), Queen V is very clearly mourning the loss of …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Revenge Recap: Better Off Wed

In this week’s Revenge, Pascal proposes to Victoria (and she says oui), Emily puts her binge-watching of Homeland to good use, Nolan gets even with Javier, and Conrad… Lord love a duck, he does something so horrific, I actually LOL’d from shock. So keep reading. We’ll get there… READ MORE