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'Renew Our Show' Bracket Tourney Continues! Give a Second Season to Nikita or The Event


They were arguably the two hottest pilots of the fall 2010 TV season, but neither The CW’s Nikita or NBC’s The Event are locks for a second season. Which is exactly the reason we’ve put the two freshman series in hand-to-hand combat as part of the first annual “Renew Our Show!” Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament. …READ MORE

One Tree Hill Vs. Hellcats: Vote for Your Fave as the 'Renew Our Show' Tourney Rages On!


In the blue corner, the grizzled veteran of eight seasons…One Tree Hill! In the red corner, the perky freshman upstart…Hellcats! Only one of these CW series will survive their bloody matchup, which is part of the first annual “Renew Our Show!” Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament. Ladies and gentlemen…let’s get ready to rummmmblllllllle!!! …READ MORE

Brothers & Sisters Vs. Harry's Law: The 'Renew Our Show' Tournament Continues!


On paper, Brothers & Sisters and Harry’s Law are wildly different. One is a long-running ABC drama about a California family that can’t get enough sex, wine, and drama. The other is a freshman NBC series about a Cincinnati attorney and her merry band of justice-seekers. But now, they’ve got two important things in common: …READ MORE

Lie to Me Vs. No Ordinary Family: Vote in Day Two of the 'Renew Our Show' Bracket Tourney


Two shows enter! One show leaves! Yes, folks, that’s the brutal truth of TVLine’s first annual “Renew Our Show!” Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament, a single-elimination duel to the death featuring many of your at-risk favorites. Today’s matchup pits No Ordinary Family against Lie to Me, and it’s up to you who’ll sail through to the next round. …READ MORE

'Renew Our Show!' Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament: Chuck Vs. Human Target


‘Tis the season to be anxious — or at least it is for obsessive TV fans. …READ MORE