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American Idol Top 13 Performance Recap: Beautiful? Disaster? [Updated]

Jessica Meuse American Idol

I’m not gonna lie to you: I went from mildly concerned to truly and deeply vexed during the first half-hour of tonight’s American Idol Top 13 performance episode. We had Mumbles McGillicuddy, Wacky Sharpenstein, Blankity Blankerson and Speedy McCountry all hitting the stage and delivering varying degrees of the night’s opening song title: “Aw Naw.” READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

The Voice Recap: Show Me the Funny! [Updated]


Here’s the thing about The Voice: Even in an episode where the musical talent doesn’t send you directly to iTunes in a flurry of “must download this immédiatement” enthusiasm, there’s still an undeniable magic beneath the surface.

Granted, it may not be musical magic, but …READ MORE

The Voice Season 6 Premiere Recap: All the Singing Ladies (All the Singing Ladies)!

the voice season 6 premiere recap

I’m not sure what the sidewalks in your town are looking like right now, but where I live in Jersey City, they’re covered in a terrine of mud-blackened ice; found objects (I kid you not, I spotted a half-finished bottle of Arizona Iced Tea lodged in a snowbank today); wayyyy too many dog droppings (sigh); and sadness.

But just when you start thinking about crawling into a cave for another six months of hibernation, …READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL

American Idol Top 13 Announcement Recap: Where the Wild Cards Are [Updated]

American Idol Top 13 Finalists

There’s been a decided lack of bullishness among the American Idol faithful over the last 48 hours regarding the Season 13 Top 30 — or at least the singers’ less-than-scintillating efforts during the show’s inaugural “Rush Week” festivities.

Call me a relentless optimist (who still thinks “I’m on a Roll” should/could be a Top 10 hit), but I’m not ready to …READ MORE

American Idol Top 15 Guys Performance Recap: Let's Hear It for the Boys! [Updated]


“Intonation” is the new “pitchy.” Jennifer Lopez is suddenly astute and critical. And if you listen carefully, Season 8′s glorious, criminally underrated Allison Iraheta* is providing chill-inducing background support as part of Rickey Minor’s band. (*If you’ve never heard her providing lead vocals on Halo Circus’ “Gone,” go directly to iTunes, download it, then come back and finish this recap.)

This…is Season 13 of American Idol. READ MORE & TAKE POLLS

American Idol Top 10 Girls Recap: I'm Sorry, Mr. Jackson, Are You for Real? [Updated]


I’ve always been a sucker for an inspirational, never-give-up, success-in-spite-of-insurmountable-odds story arc: The Little Engine That Could. Seabiscuit. Fantasia’s “I Believe.”

But for the love of all that’s holy, how is the caked-on gravy that is Randy Jackson still clinging to the American Idol platter on its 13th cycle through the reality TV dishwasher? READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLLS

American Idol Top 30 Announcement Recap: Side-Eye at the Not-Quite-OK Corral [Updated]


It seems like only yesterday that Candice Glover was singing her victory rendition of “I Am Beautiful” while trying not to get confetti in her mouth, nose and eyes. (Feel free to throw a Gospel hand if that memory inevitably moves you to the brink of tears. And don’t you dare leave me hangin’ misty-eyed all by my lonesome, fellow Idoloonies!) READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLLS

American Idol Recap: The Cutting Crew


Like a bowl of wasabi mac & cheese, Part 1 of American Idol‘s “Season 13 Top 30 Announcement Episode” was a mix of familiar comforts and spicy new twists. (Urgh, sorry, now all I want to do is Google Image Search wasabi mac & cheese.)

Predictably yet sorta comfortingly, we had The Elevator of Doom ©, The Misty Eye of J.Lo (™), The Keith Urban …READ MORE

American Idol Group Rounds Recap: There Is No 'C' or 'R' or 'A' or 'Z' or 'Y' in Team [Updated]


Tearful meltdowns. Blind rage. Physical collapse. These are the hallmarks of American Idol‘s Hollywood Week Group Rounds.

But every member of the Idoloonie Nation knows that amidst the badly botched lyrics, the “is something sprained?” choreography and the violent assaults on harmony, there’s a far more important ritual that occurs when wannabe Kelly Clarksons come together. Sometimes, right in front of our eyes, a star emerges. READ MORE

American Idol Hollywood Week (Night 1) Recap: Can You Feel It Coming to the Airport Tonight?


American Idol fans are verrry familiar with (and rather fond of) the phrase “thrown under the bus” — a phenomenon in which the production and judges turn against a particular contestant (see: Castro, Jason) in order to help achieve a pre-ordained outcome.

But thanks to new, exciting and possibly European techniques in psychological torture brought to us by incoming producer Per Blankens, certain Season 13 evictees will …READ MORE